The Premières at the Playground Arts Festival

The Premières at the Playground Arts Festival

Playground is the unique arts festival organized by STUK and M in which artists are not limited to a single discipline. They freely combine elements from installation art, literature, film, sculpture, architecture or choreography. They bring together objects and bodies in challenging live performances. They create new visual images that reflect on art, the world and the mediatisation of life. Playground hosts the (Belgian) première of many of the projects and performances.

Among other things, the programme features an intense dance duet with an Eastern carpet by Maria Hassabi, short stories in a made up language by Guy de Cointet, a production about the ‘tongue’ by Ieva Misevičiūte, an aria based on hysterical internet commentators by Cally Spooner, a conversation on the meaning of art with Kristof Van Gestel, and in Julian Weber’s work, performers use a sculpture that was made specifically for them, utopian architectural models by Jean-Pascal Flavien or video work by Julien Prévieux with a choreography based on movements that steer machinery.

Complete programme

The complete programme at M and STUK features work by Adva Zakai, Benjamin Seror, Cally Spooner, DD Dorvillier, fieldworks, Guy de Cointet, Hugues Decointet, Ieva Misevičiūtė, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Jimmy Robert, Julian Weber, Julien Prévieux, Kristof Van Gestel, Maria Hassabi and Sonja Jokiniemi.

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In the run-up to the festival Adva Zakai (18/11), Benjamin Seror, DD Dorvillier (17/11), fieldworks, Hugues Decointet, Ieva Misevičiūtė (10/11), Sonja Jokiniemi (2/11), Jean-Pascal Flavien, Jimmy Robert, Julian Weber and Kristof Van Gestel (18/11) will personally be present in Leuven.

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