M is re-opening to the public on 18 May with a new exhibition

M is re-opening to the public on 18 May with a new exhibition

On Monday 18 May, M Leuven is re-opening its doors to visitors. And the museum is taking every precaution, including timeslots scheduled in advance, a limited number of visitors per timeslot, and a fixed route through the museum. One of the highlights of this route is the new exhibition ‘Rodin, Meunier & Minne’. Visitors will have the art of M to themselves alone. Or almost at least.

“M is looking forward to receiving visitors again on Monday. We are asking visitors to book their visit in advance, and we are doing our utmost to ensure that the museum is a safe environment. A maximum of four people can begin their visit at the same time, to avoid crowding. Hand sanitizer is available for visitors throughout the museum. Mouth masks are not obligatory because we are giving our visitors plenty of space. We have ensured that there is enough time to disinfect necessary areas of the museum between each timeslot”, city councillor for culture Denise Vandevoort says.

“Those who would prefer not yet to visit the museum in person can still browse the extensive virtual museum tours on the website. These were launched at the onset of the corona measures under the motto ‘Get M at home’ and continue to be expanded regularly”, Vandevoort adds.

New exhibition ‘Rodin, Meunier & Minne’

The reopening of M also marks the opening of the new exhibition ‘Rodin, Meunier & Minne’. Due to the corona measures, the vernissage that had been scheduled on 15 March could not take place. The exhibition focuses on the influence of the Middle Ages on the visual language of the three sculptors and will run until 30 August.

“There is normally always a pleasant bustle at the museum when new exhibitions open. In our present circumstances, visitors are being given the opportunity to see the exhibition ‘Rodin, Meunier & Minne’ in a very different, more intimate way. They will, in a manner of speaking, have the exhibition rooms at M all the themselves”, says Peter Bary, General Director at M.

In addition to the new exhibition ‘Rodin, Meunier & Minne’, M is also reopening the solo exhibition by Angolan artist Kiluanji Kia Henda. His exhibition has been extended until 30 August. There are also several collection presentations along the route. If visitors prefer to wait a little longer before they come back to M in person, there are many digital options available such as podcasts that will make you feel as though you are at M and virtual tours of exhibitions like Nel Aerts, Pieter Vermeersch, Borman and Sons, etc.

How will visits be arranged practically?

Those who would like to visit M are requested to reserve a timeslot in advance, preferably via the museum website. Visitors who do not have access to the internet can reserve their timeslot at the reception desk at the museum. A maximum of four people will be permitted to enter the museum at the same time to start the fixed route. A new timeslot begins every quarter of an hour and lasts one and a half hours. The museum provides disinfectant hand sanitizer at various places along the route and in the lobby. Museum attendants will ensure that there are never any more than four people in each of the museum rooms at the same time.

Explanatory texts that are normally available in paper folders are now available on the website, and on the walls of the museum rooms. The touchscreens in the exhibition rooms cannot be used. It is possible to use an audio guide, however. The devices will be thoroughly disinfected between each use.

Ticket sales start Friday May 15 via mleuven.be.

You can find all additional information, visuals and the press kit on the new exhibition ‘Rodin, Meunier & Minne’ on this separate press page.


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Hanne Grégoire Head of Communication and Press at M
Denise Vandevoort Chair of M and city councillor for culture and tourism
Hanne Grégoire Head of Communication and Press at M
Denise Vandevoort Chair of M and city councillor for culture and tourism
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