M and STUK are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Playground

M and STUK are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Playground

Monday, October 31, 2016 — Playground, the unique arts festival organized by STUK and M in which artists are not limited to any single discipline, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Playground artists freely combine elements from installation, text, film, sculpture, architecture or choreography. They bring objects and bodies together in challenging live performances. They create new images that reflect on art, the world and the mediatisation of life. Playground is presenting the (Belgian) première of many of the projects.

The programme features an exhibition and the performance This Is Offal by Mary Reid Kelley, who recently won the MacArthur and the Baloise Art Prize; For Claude Shannon by Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard, who were nominated for the Bessie Award; flamenco star Israel Galvan will dance in a performance about Mallarmé, Broodthaers and art books; Anna Barham is inviting you to dialogue with a speech recognition computer; the work of promising Leuven-based artist Lisa Vereertbrugghen challenges your senses and the fluidity of body, identity and your surroundings. 

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Playground launched a call to all the arts training programmes that have appeared at Playground over the past few years. An exciting selection of installations and live performances will be presented on Sunday 20 November.

The complete programme at M and STUK includes work by Alex Cecchetti, Alex Reynolds, Anna Barham, Benjamin Verdonck, Dora García, Emily Mast, Hugo Roelandt, Israel Galván — Pedro G. Romero — Filiep Tacq, Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Liz Santoro, Marge Monko, Marnie Slater, Mary Reid Kelley, Michael Portnoy, Nastio Mosquito, Paul Hendrikse, and Sarah van Lamsweerde.

You will find the brochure with the complete programme below, and it is also available at www.playgroundfestival.be.

Practical information

Sarah van Lamsweerde (from 7/11), Lisa Vereertbrugghen (from 8/11), Mary Reid Kelley (from 14/11), Liz Santoro (from 14/11), Israel Galvan, Filiep Tacq & Pedro G. Romero (from 16/11) will be featured in the run-up to the festival.

For more information, interview requests, press tickets, etc., please contact

M  •  Veerle Ausloos - 016 27 29 38 - veerle.ausloos@leuven.be

STUK  •  Frank Geypens -  016 320 313 - frank.geypens@stuk.be

© Mary Reid Kelley with Patrick Kelley. Videostill from Swinburne’s Pasiphae, 2014
HUGO ROELANDT<br/>© Aeromatic Art Project 1, model helicopter, Young artists from Antwerp / Jonge Kunstenaars uit het Antwerpse, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, 1983
(c) Benjamin Verdonck
(c) Dora Garcia
(c) Emily Mast
ALEX REYNOLDS<br/>© Hélène Giansily
Alex Cecchetti, Tamam Shud, 2016 - CCA UJazdowski Castle Warsaw
Israel Galvan, Pedro G. Romero & Filiep Tacq<br/>(c) Hugo Gumiel
Julieta Cervantes, courtesy of The Kitchen, New York (February,2016)
Lisa Vereertbrugghen, The extraordinary way she moves<br/>(c) Jochem Jürgens
Marnie Slater. By Written I Mean Made, 2016<br/> © Kristien Daem
Mary Reid Kelley, This is Offal, Berliner Festspiele<br/>(c) Christopher Hewitt
Mosquito Nastio<br/>(c) illustration by Rogier de Bouvé
Sarah van Lamsweerde, Cast Witnesses (c) Angela Lidderdale