15.310 times thank you!

15.310 times thank you!

M Leuven’s crowdfunding to support emerging artists has exceeded expectations

In December, M Leuven launched its 'Art is for Everyone' crowdfunding campaign to support emerging artists and exhibit their work at M, and if it was successful! The campaign raised no less than 15,310 euros.


Stronger Together

The initiative is part of a larger project: M, the City of Leuven and Cera undertook to work together to support up-and-coming talent during corona. The City of Leuven and Cera have each put up €50,000 for this.

Denise Vandevoort, chair of M Leuven and alderman for culture, explains: “The fact that we passed the 10,000 euros mark indicates strong support from the public. People often asked us how they could help. We are delighted for the generous support for this action. We can only say thank you. 15.310 times thank you!.”


"Thanks to the public's support of the museum fund M-LIFE, more works can be purchased and thus more artists supported," adds curator and Head of Department for Contemporary Art Eva Wittocx. "Now that the campaign is over, the public and private funds will be put together and the final list of artworks will be finalised.”


A committee of four experts in contemporary art makes the selection in consultation. Eva Wittocx and Valerie Verhack from M Leuven are assisted by Hicham Khalidi, director of the Jan Van Eyck Academy Maastricht and curator Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte from Brussels.


A Bit More Patience

Now that the support is concrete, the final touches are being made to the list of artworks and artists. We are still some time away from announcing names and works of art. That will be in March. The works can be viewed in M Leuven from 2 April 2021.  The exhibition runs until 5 September 2021. After that, the works will regularly crop up in M’s presentations of its collections. You can reserve a time slot via mleuven.be/tickets.  


The project is being realised with the support of Cera, the City of Leuven and M-LIFE, the fund of M managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.


Denise Vandevoort Voorzitter M, Leuvens schepen van Cultuur en Toerisme
Hanne Grégoire Diensthoofd Communicatie & Pers, M Leuven



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